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Our Mission

 Our two-fold missions are first, to provide non-Indonesian with information about Indonesia and its many opportunities in Business, Education, or Leisure and secondly, to educate the future generation of Diaspora Indonesia through live performances, exhibitions, and showcasing traditional Indonesian arts. 

* We are seeking Partners, Sponsors , or Donors to make this vision a reality so as to provide future generations to  their extra ordinary rich heritage.

Explore Indonesian Diversity 

The Republic of Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world in population. With more than seventeen thousand islands, is the largest island nation on earth. Three hundred tribes and over seven hundred languages make this nation a truly diverse country in its culinary, architecture, religion, culture, and tradition.

Home of the Komodo dragon, Orang-Utan, the bird of Paradise, and the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, makes this nation an incredibly unique nation.

Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country in the world, thus has made this country very fertile and beautiful landscapes. Source of the many spices treasured in Europe and America for centuries.


Open yourselves up to an exciting exploration of Indonesia by visiting its various world-famous sites. To learn more, contact us at Sanggar Budaya Nusantara.

A Brilliant Idea Takes Flight

The thought of channeling the tourism idea as a way of sparking a sense of cultural discovery first occurred to us while attending the Tulip Festival in Holland. This provided us with the inspiration to come up with an Indonesian counterpart of that kind of tourism business model.

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